Star Trek: The Next Generation w/ Art & Labor
Struggle SessionSeptember 18, 202201:07:49

Star Trek: The Next Generation w/ Art & Labor

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Originally released on February 19th, 2020

Jack and Leslie are joined by Lucia Love and OK Fox of Art & Labor podcast to discuss Star Trek: The Next Generation. Episodes discussed include:

  • 02x09: The Measure of a Man
  • 05x25: The Inner Light
  • 01x24: Conspiracy
  • 02x12: The Royale
  • 03x26-04x01: The Best of Both Worlds Parts I & II

Check out Jack and Leslie on the Art and Labor podcast episode 69 here.

If you're wondering which eps to watch in TNG friend of the show Derz (@Derzquist) has this handy guide: 

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