WrestleMania/Extended Universe Fatigue w/ Bryan Quinby
Struggle SessionApril 07, 2023
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WrestleMania/Extended Universe Fatigue w/ Bryan Quinby

Support the show and get hundreds of bonus episodes http://patreon.com/strugglesession http://sesh.plus and http://strugglesession.substack.com Bryan Quinby of the hit new podcast Guys joins us to discuss the endless out-of-the-ring drama of the WWE including the return of Vince McMahon, post-WrestleMania fan anger, and the WWE/UFC merger. We also discuss how the current state of the blockbuster action movies in the wake of John Wick and Top Gun, and debate safety in pro wrestling. Guys: https://www.patreon.com/MurderXBryan Vince Return and Merger and WrestleMania: https://www.theverge.com/2023/4/3/23667880/wwe-ufc-merger-endeavor-acquisition CNBC appearance: https://twitter.com/WrestlePurists/status/1642900493675425792?s=20 Shane McMahon injury: https://twitter.com/vidsthatgohard/status/1642718232304922625 Cody Rhodes Big Entrance: https://twitter.com/SuprkickStudios/status/1644183943468425216 Bret Hart Comments on modern wrestling: https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/bret-hart-i-really-question-direction-people-charge-have-taken-wwe-and-aew?utm_source=TW-Fightful&utm_medium=Fightful%20Wrestling%20News&utm_campaign=dlvr.it Dante Martin Injury (Gruesome): https://twitter.com/KennyOlivier69/status/1642009183976583169?s=20 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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